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Peetzakilla posted:
I agree, except that I will say that the lack of a father figure is unquestionably connected to criminal behavior. It certainly is not "just because" but it is undeniably a factor.
I do agree that lack of a father figure is a factor in increasing the risk of criminal behavior, especially for young males. This is where the feminization of males will have a serious detrimental affect on boys growing up.

My wife was describing a commercial she saw the other day. It had to do with reuseable, cloth, grocery bags. A young boy and his father were in the commercial which showed them using one of these bags. My wife said at the end of the commercial was an audible message which said something to the effect of "Helping to make him a better man". She thought this was just pathetic. (Of course, being married to a "real man" such as me has obviously set a bias in her ).

So, to be better MEN, we need to be green and get the reusable cloth grocery bags? By whose judgement are we then "better men"? That's rather silly if you ask me. Now don't get me wrong. I see nothing wrong with using those reusable grocery bags, or recycling the paper ones. But doing those things does not necessarily make a male a "better man". There are more important criteria than that, IMO. Teaching your son how to safely handle firearms would make one a "better man" as far as I'm concerned. Being a scout leader, teaching your son right from wrong, coaching sports, teaching your son manners, etc. are all more important than reusable grocery bags. Sheesh.
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