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The Zacharias posted:
We've seen the response from the media.

At new life church in Colorado in 07, a female usher had a CCW and took down a man with a rifle who had a grudge against the church, but not before he killed 4 people. The mainstream media actually made a pretty concerted effort to under-report to the greatest extent possible (nothing was heard after the initial story, if it was reported AT ALL). Not like these most recent shootings that are getting huge air time.

They dont want to demonstrate that guns can save lives because then they would lose ratings and viewers from the anti-gun community.
In addition to that event, there were two other events where people retrieved guns and then stopped further killings. One was in Jonesboro, AK I believe. There, a teacher retrieved a gun from car and stopped the shooter. I can't recall where the other one was, but in that case, two guys who were off duty law enforcement ran to their cars, retrieved their guns, and then stopped the killer. The media poo pood both of them. They don't want to steer their agenda off course by reporting the facts as they happened, unless those facts help to drive their agenda's forward and on course.
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