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"The basic problem is that here, we are dealing with mind altering drugs."

Every drug is, in one way or another, a mind-altering drug.

Anti-depressants are no different from, say, aspirin, hydrocodone, or benadryl in that sense, so let's start seizing the firearms of allergy sufferers while we're at it.

"Correlation does not indicate causation!"

Truer words have never been spoken.

Individuals who have been taking anti-depressants have murdered people, that is true. What is also true is that people taking NO drugs of any kind have also murdered people.

I see this thread going absolutely NOWHERE except into a series of uninformed but oh-so-opinionated screeds that have no basis in fact but everything in second, third, and fourth-hand "experiences" and "knowledge."

It also REALLY botheres me when we start looking at the Huffington Post as "proof" of one thing (anti-depressants) but consider it to be the worst, most incorrect, and most biased source possible on another (guns).
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