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I am 50yrs old and live in MN where I fish every day and enjoy the seasons. I dig riding my motorcycles and spend time with the family out on the lake. I hunt big game in Montana and birds in MN South Dakota and Iowa. I have been a rifle shooter since 1967 and shotguns since 1971. I bought my first pistol this year and now I have 2 of them. I really love shooting and the challenge of getting better. I will buy another pistol soon. I am reading through this site looking for information and guidance. The site is helpful, at times I get lost in the my brand is better then your brand retoric. There have been many threads that I have read that have helped me in recent purchases and tweaking some trouble I have getting consistant groups.

All in all this is a very helpful and very good source of information and ideas. I will be here often.

It will get worse before it gets better I am afraid
..........It's that you shot

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