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H&R basically made 4 .22 auto loaders of which I have pictures of 2 of them and yours doesn't look exactly like either of them.
It shares some features of each of the two models, but it may actually be the third model that I can only guess about since you don't have the magazine to determine how many shots it holds.
That would be the Model 165 with a 10 shot magazine made from 1945 - 61.
The 2003 Blue Book doesn't give a weight for the Model 165 or any other information except values.

The other models are the Model 150 Leatherneck Carbine and the Model 65 Military Autoloading Rifle which was a USMC training rifle for the Garand. Because of the similarity of model numbers between the Model 65 and Model 165 and the unique magazine release and both having 10 shot magazines, I think that's what you have.
The 4th autoloader Model 151 is a Model 150 with a Redfield rear sight.
So I'm betting that yours is a civilian version of the Model 65 that's like a cross between it and the lighter Leatherneck Carbine barrel. The Leatherneck Carbine was lighter at 7.25 lbs. instead of 9 pounds, had only a 5 shot magazine but similar sights to yours. But since the magazine release is different from the Leatherneck Carbine, my best guess is that you have the Model 165.
2003 Blue Book values for the Model 165 (which have probably increased) are:

100% - $120
98% - $110
95% - $95
90% - $85
80% - $70
70% - $55
60% - $60

Pictures and info. are from The Gun Trader's Guide 20th Edition.
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