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Just a personal story to share....

Well folks I don't consider myself an expert, but I feel comfortable enough to throw my .02 in.

Back about 5 years ago I lost an aunt of mine. She committed suicide. She was also being treated for chronic depression. I had seen her two weeks previously and not only had she seemed fine, she'd seemed happy and had big plans that she was making for the summer break that was fast approaching.

Well she hung herself and her teenage daughter found her in the garage. There was no warning, no letter, no nothing. Her husband and son had been in the living room on the computer and had no idea that anything had happened. We still don't know what upset her so badly, but whatever it was sent her reeling out of control in a huge hurry.

My family was shocked and hurt and wanted answers. She had seemed so good when we had last seen her. Over the following weeks there were a lot of theories thrown around, but then we found her medication. We asked her doctor about it and he had recently switched the depression medication she had been on. Her husband told us that she had responded badly to the medication and that it made her ill. So she quit taking it cold turkey. Her doctor told us that when someone is used to taking medication like that their body *can* become dependent upon it and that when deprived of it their body will react violently and can cause far more severe mood swings than they had ever experienced before taking the medication.

I don't think this fact is emphasized enough. We're used to living in a society of instant gratification where we never have to wait or work for something. Every time we feel slightly under the weather we take a pill or if we're lonely we pick up the phone or get online. People forget how to cope. Doctors don't want to tell them that taking this pill might cause horrendous damage or maybe the people just don't want to listen.

Either way I think that mood altering medication is something handed out far too freely and often times without the possible ramifications ever being fully expressed or understood. Now I won't say that drugs like that are the cause, but I will say that I believe they have a very big influence. In my eyes they are terrifying things and I don't trust them. I may be biased, but I do know there is some logic behind my concerns. My orphaned cousins can attest to that.
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