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Our Founders were coming off very heady times, having successfully separated themselves from the British through force of arms. Their statements praising revolution and watering the tree of Liberty should be viewed in light of their successful struggle; and by no means do I denigrate their achievements.

Still, they were fighting an outside oppressor based across a few thousand miles of ocean, which took weeks to traverse. Nowadays we elect our oppressors right here at home, and military force beyond the wildest nightmares of the Founding Fathers is available to them in hours, if not minutes.

Those who advocate getting involved in the political process have the key; however, it takes lots of treasure and time to mount a campaign, both of which require a broad base of support. Fortunately the federalist nature of our govt will prevent total oppression, but it might be necessary to live in, or move to, a state with a population that supports your beliefs.

Living in Maryland as I do, I'll probably have to move to be able to exercise the full rights of citizenship. It will probably come to that in a few years.
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