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I spend a modicum of time becoming aware of issues and practicing the power of the vote on a regular basis.

I think that if there are enough people worried about the direction of the USA, they should run for political office and make a change. Grassroots efforts have a way of fostering change.

According to,

While no absolute count is available, it is closely estimated that there are 60-65 million gun owners, 30-35 million of whom own handguns. According to survey research, at least 45% of American households own firearms.

At the present time, NRA has approximately 4.3 million members. NRA does not compile demographic information on members.

And according to there are 306,164,648 people in the US.

Imagine of 1% of gun owners would run for political office, this would be 600,000 to 650,000 people who support gun rights running for political office. Heck, even if 1% of NRA members would run for office that would be 43,000 people who support gun rights running for political office.

If you want to affect change, put yourself in a position to affect the law.

So, my advice Drewman, is that if you are that passionate about gun rights, run for office on a platform supporting gun rights. With almost half of all households owning firearms there is support for the cause.
And if the posts on here recently bear true, there are even more gun owners out there now.
"edit" Be your own revolution and change the system from within. ;-)

Just my $.005
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