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in my previous post i think i expressed my distaste for the "general media"... just another thought --- all the negatives piled up on top of one another in ones life can lead someone to the edge or shall we say "snap"... that point at which they think they have no alternative but to make every one in their immediate "social bubble" feel their pain...

again we ask,,,,,why "gun" violence???????

i think it is nothing more than what has been impressed in their minds... where did they ever get the idea to grab a gun and do the things they do...if there were no guns, only swords, or maybe just clubs and or rocks, dont you think the same things would happen? (well it has)....

as a culture we need to start promoting more positives in peoples lives, everyone we "touch"...even the small things make a difference... we need to start doing it soon, so concentrate on it

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