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Mitchell's Mausers are forgeries.:barf:
They weld over the mismatched numbers, grind them down stamp new numbers matching the receiver and re-blue the gun (stupidly they do not blue the bolt but leave it in the white like a Yugo M48 which is incorrect for German rifles)
Go to dedicated Mauser K98k forums and ask about this. They will go into detail on how Mitchells' has wrongly renumbered (different fonts) and no proof stamps when they renumber (Called Waffenamts and appear as a small eagle with WaA and a number of the proof team)

Let me repeat plainly.
Mitchell's Mauser are counterfeit fraud by what they say and what they actually are.
If you bought a Mitchell's Mauser you can consider yourself dupped, taken, deceived.
However, they are safe to shoot and usually accurate.

Best advise, do not consider a Mitchell's Mauser at all.
It would be like showing up at a Porsche club rally with a Volkswagen and a fiberglass Porsche lookalike body and thinking no one will notice.

They will!!


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