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Many of you are too young to remember. In the '60s the supreme court managed to completely remove God from the public schools. This left a big vacuum in regard even to "values" and such.

Through the '70s and '80s the teaching establishment managed to even remove EVERY trace of values based teaching. In the '80s and '90's they began teaching a "new morality" that permitted everything, and also managed to even eliminate teaching most critical thinking techniques - no rules (critical thinking is what allowed the little boy to recognize that the emperor was wearing no clothes). I remember my daughter coming home from school and explaining to me that any thing you did was OK as long as you had a reason for doing it.

The sizable vacuum began to be filled with the new morality, i.e. relative morality and the biggy, SELF-ESTEEM. The vacuum grew.

Because we had done away with critical thinking, no one noticed that self-esteem is a synonym for egotism and narcissism. The thinking was that if you didn't feel good about yourself that.. that.., well, that you would feel bad about yourself, which would cause you to struggle in life. Lack of critical thinking, of course, kept us from realizing that we are supposed to struggle and, in fact, that we NEED to struggle in order to develop properly.

Because we have done away with the idea that there are absolutes in morality that cannot be relativized, and because we have become so narcissistic, and because we cannot be bothered with the results of critical thinking, you'd think that we would be happy.

How is this working for us?

How is it working for you?

What can we do about it?

If you people don’t kick me out of TFL real soon, I’ll be back and say what I think and believe.
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