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I fully disagree with this as I spent many many hours playing video games , on top of many many hours in the woods playing "guns" with my neighborhood friends.
To be our resident research designer - I might suggest that one's person experience is not up to evidential standards.

The idea of the media impact theorists is that media violence channels the operationalization of violent action by those pushed to it by various causes.

So without the reason to be violent, exposure does little. But if the reason exists, media and games might give it a specific form.

There is a controversial but large literature that exposure to violent depictions and more realistic depictions and games prime more aggressive behavior.

It is a mistake to view the media/games aggression link as all or none. Or view the availability of guns as all or none. Both may prime aggression behavior or channel it if the underlying pathology exists in a violent actor.

Just because you played with guns or didn't - isn't a compelling argument against the thesis.
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