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1. Too much time spent playing violent video games at an early age is brain-mapping 6-10 year olds to run combat scenarios, reinforced by thousands of hours of repetition.

I fully disagree with this as I spent many many hours playing video games , on top of many many hours in the woods playing "guns" with my neighborhood friends.

2. The absence of real human interaction, texting and emailing as a primary form of communication robs us of a normal connection with other humans, which allows normal empathy and compassion to develop. This is at odds with millions of years of evolution where we actually had to talk with, or learn to play nice with another person to communicate.

This is something I will agree with in that it changes peoples persepctives when they don't have any consequences to their personalities. The anonymity and relative safety of the Internet changes the way people interact with the world ... Without someone there to punch you in the face once in a while for being an idiot and Or to see how your actions effect people in a very real sort of way ... people lose the reality and harshness of their actions.

3. The disintegration of the traditional, nuclear family, has removed normal role models from the picture so that no example is present for children to learn how a normal, mature adult (male in most cases) behaves. In the absence of a proper role model, TV characters, rappers, or other artificial role models have been adopted in their place.

/Agreed.... in a way , but mostly with the italics part .... as regardless of the Nuclear family .... It's what I feel is liking in these cases.

I also agree with the person shortly there after in that violence in tough economic times is not really all that uncommon. ( look at riots throughout history )

Typically the poor are the most prone to violence ( look at any of the lower income neighborhoods in the country )

But on top of this I believe it is the results of the people not wanting to take their own responsibility for their happiness and wealth. The constant feeling of entitlement that has taken over this country ( and being fed by our President and congress ). Instead of accepting their situation and acting responsibly to fix it , they decide to steal, sell drugs and kill.

As mentioned above they blame everyone else for their problems and are filled with such anger and hatred.

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