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An armed uprising against the government by a small group of individuals would be pointless. No group of private citizens has the resources necessary to take on the government and overthrow it. And I highly doubt that there are any States thinking of seceding from the Union right now.

Any revolution today needs to happen through our political process, not against it. A revolution at the polls, if you will. If you're not happy with what your government is doing, then get involved. Vote out of office the people you don't like, keep track of how your representatives are voting, and write them to tell them what you think about the bills they are going to be voting on. Talk to your friends and relatives and get them involved too.

They say you shouldn't talk about politics in a polite conversation, I say bull-CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED- to that. If we don't start talking with each other and with our elected reps about how we feel, then those reps will just continue to do what they want, instead of what we (the people they are supposed to represent) want. Democracy only works for the people if they participate in it! How many people in our country today just don't care anymore, or think their one voice can't make any difference anyway so why try. The so called 'silent majority' has no power if it always remains silent.
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