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Therefore, if they used automatic weapons, it's 100% likely they acquired them illegally.
Not true. There are many people in many states with legal full-auto weapons. Oddly enough, I've never heard of a crime perpetrated by one of these evil people with their completely unnecessary and demon possessed automatic weapons.

Third, all of these guys were NUTS!
Of course they're nuts. I don't think anybody disputes that point. The dispute is about how you screen the nuts without banning guns all together. The "antis" will say that you can't and so you should ban guns. Never mind that the criminals don't care about the illegalities of their activity.

A lot of that other stuff that you're concerned with amounts more to "creative license" than an organized agenda.

Sure, there's an organized agenda to ban guns but an awful lot of things that get ascribed to those within that agenda are simply some local news guy trying to make a story sound more dramatic. A large portion of it is also based on the descriptions of "witnesses" who are notoriously unreliable in the first place and most have probably never touched a real live gun.
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