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Man thats a catch-me - get-me question.

Goona say Depends. Running ranges and instruction courses very with what type of shooting or instruction you are gonna conduct.

High Power Clinics:

Ear & Eye protection. Targets, staplers, pasters, scoring disk, communication equip (is no using a reduced range). Range flags, spotting scopes. Copy of USAMU Servise Guide for each shooter. Black Board, Shooting jackets, gloves, slings, mats. At least one each of the Rifles used in Service Rifle Compitition. Tool Kit (including cleaning quipment). Ammo, Bolt open indicators. Score books, pencils. Stop watches, wind gages. Scoring gages. FIRST AID KIT. Yeap I know I forgot a lot here. Laptop with differant balistic programs. NRA MEMBERSHIP FORMS. Drinking water. Coffee & Donuts. Keys to the range and range/target sheds. Range rules. Tons of handouts (relative on what type classes you are conducting. Coaches plotting sheets, NRA & CMP Rules.


Pretty much what is listed above. Leaving out those related only to rifle and substituting pistol needs.

CCW & Gen Firearm Safty Classes: Most of what is listed about, but Also a copy of the state's firearm laws and regulations. A series of Firearms Defence DVD/Tapes, and machine to play them. As many types of pistols/revolvers as I can get my hands on, and enough ammo for the same so each student gets a to try differant guns.

Regardless of what you list, you're gonna forget something. Thats why I like to conduct classes at my own range.
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