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Blaming video games?

Is it video games this month? It used to be gangster rap or devil rock or drugs and for a while it was poverty and "injustice".

The "blame anything but guns" is just as irrational and unproductive and anti-freedom an attitude as the "blame guns first" people.

Has not the old "correlation <> causation" axiom not been hashed out hundreds of times? Well as long as your Ox is not the one being gored, who cares what wild accusations we throw out.

People are not computers. Playing video games, watching television or listening to music does not take away free will and it does not excise our knowledge of good and evil.

There is a large portion of the population on anti-depressants. I would bet that that segment of the population is growing as more people are anxious about the state of the economy and people are watching themselves or people they love become destitute.

Some people, when places on certain anti-depressants become suicidal and a small percentage of people have been found to become homicidal. Throw in the general political and economic turmoil of the last few months and season with the mental illness of the day - take your pick: narcissism (does not get near enough credit for violent crime) paranoia, psychosis, etc.

Additionally, some people are losing their insurance and their income - some people are not able to stay on medication that may be helping them and I can imagine that some of those people are at risk.

Let's stop blaming the things and start blaming the beings - shall we?
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