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Hello, my name is Joshua. I've always been interested in firearms, and in High School I actually wanted to join SWAT, but my life never got that exciting. I was an impressive shot with a bb gun when I was a kid, but never handled an actual firearm until just under a year ago. Met a guy at work who had land you could shoot on, and the opportunity was there. I turn 28 in July.

Not long after that, I purchased my first gun in a private sale from my friend: a Yugo SKS. I've since modified (or butchered it, depending on your opinion) to the specs in my signature. I soon afterwords purchased a new Walther P22, and the taste grew from there. I've since purchased seven firearms, two of which I no longer own. My biggest mistake, one of the two sold, was a Mossberg Rolling Thunder. I'm embarrassed by that purchase, but I feel that the rest of my collection is very nice, and I enjoy them all.

I look forward to joining this community and sharing my enthusiasm for the sport of shooting, the practice of self defense, and the discussions of 2nd Amendment rights and gun legislation.

Speaking of the latter, I don't really fit into any mold. I voted for Obama. I fully support him, but I do (obviously) fear for my newly exercised 2nd Amendment rights (and other things). I have my CC permit pending in the state of Maine, which is a shall-issue state, and hope that I never find myself an opportunity to exercise THAT right, but I will be ready to if my hand is forced.

I am opinionated but I am always open for other viewpoints, and consider myself a constant learner. I am not impressionable, but I do not consider my viewpoints infallible. My goal in joining this community is to learn from others, most of whom I feel have much more experience and knowledge than I have, and I will never discount someone's point of view or write you off.

Otherwise, I am into video games, movies, and writing. I specialize in science fiction (not fantasy, I lean heavily towards actual science, even if speculative, in my writing) and other various genres of fiction. I also plan on writing a non-fiction book on an introduction to gun ownership, gun reviews, as well as game and movie reviews.

So that's that, nice to meet you all and look forward to some engaging conversation!

- Joshua
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