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My First C&R -- Vz. 24

I've had my C&R FFL for a couple years now, but have never used it. I decided to buy a Czech Vz. 24 8mm Mauser from SOG. After shipping and handpick, it came to $162.

The crest of the gun says it was manufactured in 1938 and the serial on the receiver and stock match. Its prefix is E33***. The bolt's serial is different, though and begins as 500**. I'm not sure if that has any significance.

On the bolt head is what appears to be a stamp of a little guy and on the safety appears a Z enclosed in a circle.

The bore appears to be good and has good rifling, but can use a good cleaning. It did not come with a cleaning rod, unfortunately.

The front site rotates for reasons I am not quite sure of yet.

I am wondering if someone might point me to an excellent website chock full of information about the Vz. 24 and its markings.

Next week I'll be purchasing a N1895 Revolver & the week after I will be purchasing a Steyr M95.
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