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#4 personally i think it is driven by the attitude of the society we live in...from what i here, people are fustrated from being overtaxed, overworked,lied to and ripped off by greedy and so called intelligent people who are seemingly in power over them....i can understand why.
In the past 30 years we have had a total breakdown in our system, greed, corruption,lack of standards, moral, values whatever you wish to call it, we have a government who splits us apart via "special interest" groups our public school system is failing to teach about America, there simply is no common bond. We now have over 300 million people more then a third foreign born many do not assimilate nor want to as they feel no need living in their own communities, as California has failed so is the rest of our great country, now we have a administration who wishes to "remake" us in the European version that is so loved my the far left.

Sad to say with our leadership and the desire for power and money I do not see a change and if it does come it will certainly be difficult.
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