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I think Ian Colburn made some excellent points after the incident at Northern Illinois University:

"Shooters share three traits: they are unhappy, they blame others for their unhappiness, and they don't know how to express or deal with their problems within socially acceptable norms."

In the nanny state's rush to protect everyone from anything that just might upset their wittle feewings, they are preventing people from developing coping skills.

It has nothing to do with any decline of the nuclear family. I see plenty of stable, two-parent homes where the kids are coddled and indulged until it's enough to make you sick. I remember hearing a terrible kid-tantrum in a shopping center parking lot a while back. As I was thinking to myself how my parents never tolerated behavior like that in public (or anywhere else), I saw it was my boss with her kids that was the source of the disturbance.

Whether there's no family and the kids grow up to be barbarians, or there is a family and the kids grow up to be narcissists with no impluse control, the results are the same.
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