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I'm also not a fan of the term "gun violence" What about "knife violence" or Broken bottle violence" or "pool cue violence"...violence is what it is. The manner in which it is applied is secondary. And, unfortunately there is no cure for violence and in general no predicting when some regular joe is simply going to snap. When that happens, folks always look back for a reason and we hear statements like "he was such a quiet man" or "we never had a clue that he was having problems". It's those guys that will end up snapping and since they are below the radar (as they've probably never been in much trouble) when they pop up suddenly and go critical mass, we never see it coming. We generally know who the "bad" bad guys are but the poor schmo who has that one last bad thing happen to him that drives him over the edge is nearly impossible to identify until it's too late.

The media plays these incidents up as it makes a good story and, some would say, furthers a political agenda. I've always felt that the media wraps itself in the first ammendment while trying to abolish the second. In the end, I have no answer to the initial question as to how to put a stop to the violence. Social and goverment workers and many others have spent countless thousands of dollars and hours on this very issue with programs, medication and awareness classes and guess what? We've still got the problem. You can't help those that either don't want the help or believe they don't need it. You can't force people to take the meds that may control their violent urges or go to classes or any of that other stuff so adamently proposed by some. You cant slap someone in a mental health unit because you "think" he may have a problem.

So, we're left with being aware of our surroundings, carrying a firearm if legally allowed to do so and praying that it doesn't happen all the while knowing it might. As a cop, I always wonder what the outcome would have been in one of these situations had there been an armed citizen or an off duty cop present. Could they have prevented it or at least minimized the number of dead (not counting the bad guy). It never seems to happen that way though. It's always one wack job with and a bunch of sheep who can do nothing else but try and run for their lives or hide when death walks in the front door.
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