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Maybe he was, but so are a lot of people

The guy in PA was also afraid that Obama was going to take his guns.
No, all we really know is that a neighbor/"friend" told a reporter that. It could be the truth, or it could be someone with no connection to the shooter, who just wanted his 15 minutes of fame telling sound bites to a reporter.

Some people will focus on the tools used for violence, others on the supposed causes. But the reality is that it is the individual that is responsible, and thinking anything else is a waste of time. For every individual who commits violence there are dozens, likely hundreds in the exact same situations, same upbringing, etc. who do not. And Thousands to millions in similar situations, who also do not resort to violence by choice.

Blame anything you want, society, video games, guns, bread, anything at all, but goodness, never blame the individual!

Bottom line is that that are people who go off the deep end, and do violence. It has been happening as long as there have been people. Maybe it is happening more today, or maybe we are just more easily aware of it, since we have instant world wide communication.

Trying to find a root cause is an interesting intellectual exercise, but nothing more than that, as the real root cause is the human condition, and specifically the individual involved.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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