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The REAL causes of gun violence

This trend in the last few weeks is very bad. This latest guy in Pittsburgh was apparently upset about losing his job at a glass factory earlier this year. Three police officers dead and more injuries. It's horrible for everyone.

I don't know what the answer is. We all know it's not more gun bans, but what can we do? If there are people in your life who are on the edge, who have lost their jobs or are in despair, what approach is appropriate?

It is obviously beyond the scope of a gun blog to solve societies biggest challenges, but we better all start thinking about it. We may think it's not our problem, but it will be, if the end result is a loss of our rights.

I have always accused antis of being unwilling to look at the real causes of gun violence and being idealistic, and naive by insisting that gun control is a solution. I still think that.

But if we are just as unwilling as they are to ask the hard questions of how to solve the problem of gun violence, then we are as ineffective as they are, and we have a lot more to lose.

I am just going to throw some stuff out there for a reaction, you guys tell me what you think. I'd really like to hear everyone's thoughts on the REAL causes of gun violence.

I suspect some of the causes may be:

1. Too much time spent playing violent video games at an early age is brain-mapping 6-10 year olds to run combat scenarios, reinforced by thousands of hours of repetition.

2. The absence of real human interaction, texting and emailing as a primary form of communication robs us of a normal connection with other humans, which allows normal empathy and compassion to develop. This is at odds with millions of years of evolution where we actually had to talk with, or learn to play nice with another person to communicate.

3. The disintegration of the traditional, nuclear family, has removed normal role models from the picture so that no example is present for children to learn how a normal, mature adult (male in most cases) behaves. In the absence of a proper role model, TV characters, rappers, or other artificial role models have been adopted in their place.

These are some of my theories, what are yours?
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