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I seem to recall seeing something on PDTV a year or so ago about not keeping the gun where it can be reached from the bed. Best to ensure that one is completely awake before grabbing it, and to do that by getting up, they said, if memory serves. I have adopted that philosophy.

On a very recent episode of The Best Defense, a scenario involving a woman locking herself in the bedroom and getting a gun from a nightstand was critiqued. The issues that were raised included the woman being directly in line with the intruder's entry and the direction of her shots endangering a house across he street. The suggested relocation of the gun permitted her to shoot the intruder from the side and established the fireplace as a backstop.

My problem with the show was that the woman was in a study when the intruder broke into the house and she had to race the man to the bedroom. Having a gun in the study would have been a lot better.

Some time ago, I read a review of the Charter Arms .44 in which the writer--Sheriff Jim Wilson, if I recall correctly--mentioned having more than one so he could have ready access to a weapon from different places in the house.

That started me thinking. If someone were to break in through the front door while we were downstairs, he would be between me and the stairs to the bedroom, where the gun had always been kept.

The solution seemed to be to have more than one gun in quick combo safes.

Late last year there was a thread here or on THR about whether people "carried" their guns while at home. Allegations of paranoia were made, along with suggestions to move to a "better" neighborhood, and all that.... I was somewhat taken back myself, and thought the idea sounded ridiculous.

But--after I started using a pocket holster, and after seeing the episode of TBD the other day, I decided to do just that. I don't notice that it's there, I have ready access, and no one else can get to it.

No, I don't expect trouble. I don't expect to ever use any of the fire extinguishers we have in the house and RV. I don't expect the carbon monoxide detectors to go off either. But frankly, having an Airweight Centennial in a pocket holster isn't that big a deal, and it is now my answer to the OP's question for the time we are not in the bedroom.
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