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I don't sense that you are outraged that the ISP is breaking the law, right out in pubic, in the daylight, in front of the kids and our Aunt Nancy.
Because enforcement takes money. If you wish to sue for specific performance, please have your money, a lot of money, ready.

You could complain to the General Assembly. I hear they are in session. Perhaps we could form an association and lobby them for increased funding of this section of the ISP?

Oh, wait, look here:

Oh, wait, what luck, I'm a Director. Please help us pull the wagon, beowulf. I await your application and check.

Perhaps we could listen to a certain Director at ISRPA and have liquidated damages and criminal penalties for ISP when they do not comply with the 60 day deadline. If only more people would listen to that Director.

I am really outraged about the time it takes to secure a concealed carry permit in Indiana.
Ummm, that's because there is no such thing here in Indiana. It is a License to Carry a Handgun. Open, concealed, on a boat with a goat, under your hat, etc.

First of all, they have no right to demand a permit for any sort of carry, right? I mean, we all read the recent Supreme Court decision.
Please cite the language in Heller that you address.

As you know, from pouring over the Indiana Code, the Indiana Supreme Court in Matthews said that a license to carry is constitutional.

But, being a law-abiding citizen, with never a charge, let alone an arrest, I choose to play along, fingerprinted, signated, described, notarized, and all to the tune of almost a hundred and fifty bucks [I'm applying for the lifetime permit available in Indiana].
Yes, "playing along" also known as complying with the law. You don't get something for nothing, unless you think you live in California or the East Coast where people do get something for nothing. You have to pay the band to dance.

If you object to the license you can join us and make a very generous contribution and help us eliminate the pink card as Rex Early wanted to do in '96.

Call the ISP and report this as a crime?
What crime is being committed? Perhaps if we joined to together and generous contributed we could make it a crime.
"Arguments of policy must give way to a constitutional command." Payton v. New York, 445 U.S. 573, 602 (1980).
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