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Murphy's Law: If it can go wrong it will.

Toddlers are a lot smarter than we give them credit for. I thought I had put a chocolate bar (potty training motivation for my munchkin) out of reach on the back of the kitchen counter. She got to it by pulling drawers out and using them as a ladder up to the top of the counter. They can also get past "childproof" locks/pill bottle caps (they should be called adult proof locks).

For storing your HD gun during the day I would simply keep it on your hip until you go to bed. For nighttime I like those itty bitty safes that have a key code on them. Some of the keypads come in the shape of your hand so you don't have to look for numbers on a pad in the dark. You just have to remember something like "middle finger, ring ringer, middle finger, pinky, pointer finger".

Securely lock it so your kid doesn't end up discovering things he shouldn't.

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