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Where do you keep your HD gun?
Which one?

I keep my G22 on my nightstand at night, my wife keeps her 642CT on hers. (G20SF is in the gun cabinet with a loaded mag just waiting to be thrown in, along with the GSG-5, along with the BAR) Since I have a nosy 18 month-old I take them both and put them on top of the chest of drawers (5' tall) every morning when I wake up. This leaves them within easy reach of my wife, but also very very far out of reach of my daughter. I too have considered mounting holsters on the nightstands, seems like a viable option IMO. I'm thinking either a Blackhawk SERPA or a Safariland SLS/ALS attached via belt loop attachment using standard wood screws. Still working on the particulars... Not as much of a concern on base here in Kodiak, but when we move back down south in a couple of years... Who knows...
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