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I've had people come to the door while I was home and they just sit there and stall by asking for random people, "you sure he's not here" etcetc all the while looking around inside. I think they were trying to find an alarm system in the house or something but I've had that happend on two different occasions.

Funny you mention the Johovah witness people or whatever, I had a run in with them while filling up my truck at the gas station. They seriously popped out of nowhere and started telling me about God and all that. I looked at them as if to say "You seriously going to come at me with all that while I'm trying to fill up my truck?"
I said some things and they soon left though. Didn't insult them or God, but they didn't like what I said.
No problems with religion or anything, but I really hate people who come at you aggressively with their beliefs and try to force them at you.
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