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Contact the authorities. IMMEDIATELY!


I really want to thank you for answering my post. I'm a brand newbie here, and I really like the ambience.

I have, in fact, contacted the folks at the ISP. They tell me that "it takes as long as it takes".

End of discussion.

What I really wonder, after just a couple of days on this site, is why we are all taking this.

Isn't it possible that someone could bring this community together to actually force some change? I don't mean "marches", or letter writing, or all that useless showmanship.

I mean, isn't it time that SOMEBODY with influence got us all together to say that we're just not going to take it anymore?

I've probably read a hundred posts under the "law" category, and they all consist of people like me, whining because our local law dogs won't allow us the rights that generations of our fathers died to protect.

I mean, really - when does the time come that we stop this typing and start a real movement? I don't mean violence or insurrection. I just mean something like this: what would happen if every person on this site agreed that starting tomorrow we would carry without any sort of permit, and refer our attending officers to the Federal Code? Hundreds of us, maybe thousands. How about if we put out news releases, carried openly, and simply forced the local Barney's to lock us up in giant herds?

I'm not dreaming here, Chris, because if there is a person on this site who can unite people in such a way, I am carrying his pack. I'm LOOKING for that person.

Thanks again for your post. It was nice of you to answer, and it made me really sad, because you are just as much a slave to this illegal system as I am.

As is commonly read here, those who will give up a little freedom for a little safety deserve neither freedom nor safety.

Is there somebody who will gather us together and demand that we refuse to take it anymore?

Best Wishes
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