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I had a guy come to my door where I used to live he was a Jahova and like you I just opened the door and he tried to hand me the pamplet they hand out. Normally I have no problems other then there timming sucks and they come during dinner it seems every time or just when walking in from work.No offense to jahovas but there persistent and dont give up and frankly a pain in the rear.Anyways I refuse the pamlet saying No thanks and have my own believes but thanks anyways and he insist I take the pamplet and I do said thank you and went to close the door and he had the nerve to put his foot in the doorway so i couldn't close the door. I told him to remove his foot now and he didn't remove his foot.I told him firmly he is going to loose it when I close the door if he doesn't remove it now. After the threat of his foot he looked to be angry and I so was I, so Gave him his final warning of my door was Going to close on his foot and he finally did.I slammed the door in his face and locked it.I watched him out the window and I never seen him go to anothers door. That was just weird and I thought maybe I came off the wrong way but I think I was polite initialy until the foot thing.I no longer just open my door to anyone and to this day still makes me wonder what the hell that was all about.
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