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James K
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If you choose to buy from Mitchells, make sure what you order and get. They have tried to pass off Post-war Model [19]48 Yugos as German K.98k's and sell heavily refurbished and non-matching K.98k's with ads implying that they are original and matching. Their prices on rifles that have not been worked over are higher than those of other dealers.

Try a local gun show and (assuming you know what you are looking for) you can probably find a decent, but non-matching K.98k for $300-400. For a nice one, all matching and pre-war, you would have to put out $1200-1500.

I do strongly recommend you read some books and look at some K.98k's before buying, mainly because so many sellers are passing off other rifles (Yugo M48's, VZ-24's and Chinese copies) as German K.98k's.

Jim K
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