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the ones you really need to watch out for are those jahovas witnesses... they're twice as dangerous...
Well, while you're B.S.'ing.........about a week ago I was doing some morning errands around town and getting some groceries, as always I was carrying a concealed handgun. I haven't been carrying long, but have been working to improve my situational awareness for some time. Walking back to the truck pushing my cart of groceries, I did my usual parking lot scan along the way. It was a Sunday morning so things weren't exactly too busy, and I guess I got careless before I reached the truck.

I never spotted the two Jehova's Witnesses walking up behind me while loading groceries in to the bed of my truck, never spotted the brown and gold dresses as they approached. By time I noticed them, well, as the saying goes "If it'd been a snake it'd bit me!" Thankfully they weren't interested in mugging me . They're like well dressed ninja's, those sneaky heel-clad ladies.
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