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Unbearable Permit Times In Indiana

I am really outraged about the time it takes to secure a concealed carry permit in Indiana.

It's been 70 days since my permit application was sent to the Indiana State Police. The law in Indiana, under IC 35-47 requires that the permit be granted or denied within 60 days. This means that, in my case, the Indiana State Police have already violated the Indiana Firearms Code.

First of all, they have no right to demand a permit for any sort of carry, right? I mean, we all read the recent Supreme Court decision. So, unless I am a felon, or an illegal alien [I am neither], I should have the right to carry without any freaking paperwork.

But, being a law-abiding citizen, with never a charge, let alone an arrest, I choose to play along, fingerprinted, signated, described, notarized, and all to the tune of almost a hundred and fifty bucks [I'm applying for the lifetime permit available in Indiana].

So here I am, with the ISP having broken the law, waiting for someone to grant me a kind of permission whose very demand is unconstitutional.

What should I do? Sue them?

HA! I'll bet that's keeping them up all night.

Call the ISP and report this as a crime?

See you in the Gulag!

Or, just carry without the paperwork?

That would give me the opportunity to argue my case all the way to the Supreme Court again, and probably win.

Wearing an orange jumpsuit all the way, and paying thousands to the booksnakes.

Give me some cool tones on this one, compadres, because I am really feeling used and abused.

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