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Hey Skywalk:

First mistake is talking to him too long. When you checked him out first time, you should have said no thanks and closed and locked the door. Believe me, he has had that probably happen a lot to him. But like most people, you wanted to be nice and let him deliver his pitch, etc. Describing this guy, you should have immediately closed and locked the door. These people get our guard down and distract us by "talking,etc"...
Protect yourself and family members by just saying "no thanks", period. You owe these people nothing! Forget about being a nice guy. These day and times, there are folks out there that will take advantage of you and you will be sorry. Maybe he was a guy down on his luck trying to make a few bucks and maybe he was a guy trying to set you up. It just isn't worth it in the long run. BE CAREFUL.................
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