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Did this guy want to rob me or am I just paranoid?

I get a knock on the door not too long ago and I decide for whatever reason to answer the door. I really should have just done nothing and ignored it but I didn't.

So I answer the door and immediately I wish I hadn't, it was a pretty shady looking guy. You know the type, dressed and his whole appearance was a little ghetto for lack of a better word.

I don't open the door very far and keep my left shoulder behind it just in case he tries to bust through and he starts talking telling me he is getting people to vote for him so he can win a contest. I ask him what he is talking about and he hands me a small piece of paper with a bunch of writing in a laminated sleeve. I quickly glance down and hand it back to him asking what it is. He tells me he can win a trip to Europe, asks me if I have been, asks me if I am a student and I tell him no to both.

He tells me that he just came from next door and he says, "yeah man those guys are crazy party guys, they say they don't smoke pot but they have a bong sticking out their window, have you seen that?" I say no and he says, "don't you want to see it" as if he was trying to get me to come out from behind the door so he could bum rush me. I tell him no and I think he gets the hint that I am not moving.

He then tells me to win all he needs to do is sell magazines and he tries to hand that paper back to me. As soon as he said sell magazines I handed it back and said no thanks and told him I was in a hurry and getting ready to go somewhere just trying to get him to leave (I am not going anywhere) and he tries to push his pitch again and I say nah man I'm good and he replies yeah you sound like it or something along those lines as he walks off and I shut and lock my door.

If his goal was to get into my apartment then I figure that handing me a piece of paper with a lot of writing on it was to get me to look down and read it so I would not be aware of what he was doing. Now I am all nervous about this guy coming back sometime when I am gone because I wasn't exactly friendly towards him and he seemed ticked off. Of course maybe he was actually trying to sell some magazines and I am just a little on edge.

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