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I need a little help with an anti

I've got a guy I recently met that needs some education. I've already convinced him that you cant just go into any old gun shop and walk out with a machine gun the same as it was a bolt action hunting rifle. He and his wife both firmly support the "assault weapons" ban because they thought that this would outlaw machine guns. I told him that although they are not illegal, they are so tightly controlled that they may as well be.

The thing I have not been able to convice him of is this. He believes that if someone cannot for whatever reason buy a gun in his home state (he used NY as an example) that they could just order it from another state and have it shipped right to his door. He just wont believe me that this is not possible. I am correct, am I not? What I need is printable documentation of this. I suppose I could just go to any gun dealer's website and print out the sentance that says "all guns and recievers must be shipped to a FFL dealer" but I was looking for a little more than that. Thanks folks!
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