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look in
You can get schematics from Remington
There is a small lever shown on the schematic that seems to go under a spring loaded piece-- this lever should go above the other piece so it is under spring tension before you replace the pin
This firearm does not need much lubrication, and none on the nylon parts.
I however, use a Teflon dry lube on all the parts.
Have fun, it's a great little 22. maybe not the most accurate but a great shooting piece.
A world record was set back in the 60's from a Remington nylon 66 shooter when he hit 200,000 2X2 wood blocks tossed into the air. The rifle was not cleaned during the feat.
As a plinker and hunter under 50 yards it is great. Also a great beginning rifle as it weighs only 4 1/2 pounds.
I had a problem holding a scope on the grooved sheet metal receiver but I finally got a pair of Weaver grooved receiver to Weaver dovetails and that seemed to solve the problem
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