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J.Stevens was Joshua Stevens, the original 1864 (?)inventor, and founder of the J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co, in Chicopee, Mass - later acquired by Savage Arms Co.
Stevens had grown to become one of the world's largest arms manufacturers, prior to the acquisition by Savage.

Before Savage, Stevens introduced the Diamond No.43 pistol, based on the light Pocket Rifle frame, in 1888, in cal .22 Short, .22 LR, and .22 Stevens-Pope Armory with 6" or 10" bbls.
It was the only Stevens Target Pistol made on a light frame - which although at first considered too light for accurate shooting, proved an excellent target pistol, until it was discontinued in 1916.

The usual original finish would have been a blued bbl with a nickled frame. Some had checkered grips as issue, and there were a few diffferent sight options as well.

In 1898, they had a MSRP of $5 to $8.50.

I sold a fairly pristine Lord Model, somewhat similar in pattern, but with trigger guard/etc ILO the spur trigger, and had a larger frame, last year for $950.


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