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I picked up what looks like a little used 9 mm S&W Mdl 3913, and the serial no is.... TZF5083 ....would some one please tell me what year have I got ?
Also I found that the trigger pull is well over 12#'s... I can't squeeze off this 3913 even into an 8" sometimes 12" group... Is the pull supposed to be this terrible, and have 3/8+" play ?
I'm a bit confused... does this trigger problem occur when firing DA or SA? The DA trigger should be somewhat lighter, maybe 10#, but I could see 12# if the gun's trigger mechanism is a bit sticky. The SA trigger is a 2-stage type that should have some takeup at the start of the pull, but it should have a fairly crisp (if not quite SIG- or tuned-1911-crisp) ~6# break after you get past the takeup.

The accuracy problem is a little harder to figure out. How does it group at short range? Have you tried shooting it off a sandbag rest or letting someone else try it out? Can you hold it perfectly steady while dry-firing?

This is a bit off-topic, so I'd recommend reposting this in the "Semiauto" TFL subforum or the "S&W Smithing" section of the S&W forum.

Also, S&W has excellent customer service and will probably fix the gun for free if something is wrong, although you'll probably have to pay to ship it to them first.
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