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Originally Posted by trippingpara
...this rifle was a step between the MAS 39 and the MAS 49, and chambered for the 7.5mm French cartridge.
I'm sure you meant to write MAS 36 instead of MAS 39.

1)The MAS 44 uses the same magazines as the MAS 49 and MAS 49/56. They are decent rifles if you don't mind a few things.

2)The weird magazines (the catch is on the magazine, not the rifle)
The direct gas impingement system. This is the worst feature of the AR 15 design and the MAS uses it to its detriment.

3) Ammo is hard to come by, and the stuff you see most often is Syrian which is prone to hangfires and misfires.

4) The MAS 36 uses the same stock as the MAS 44.

5) They are ugly as sin
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