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Sn - K22

I have a few older hand-me down guns, mostly rifle & shotguns of average quality, all are multi-purpose hunt, target guns. I shoot & enjoy them often and know plenty about them as they were family hand-me-downs.

When I purchased this K 22, I was looking for a reliable target shooter that I could afford (no interest in a tricked out pro-target gun). Wanted 6"barrel in DA, in a Colt, Smith, or similar quality. Found exactly what I wanted in this K-22, however I didn't realize I had a gun as old as I am.

After researching the Serial Number, I realized I needed to know more about the gun, (that's what makes shooting so much fun), so once again, TFL Forum is my favorite hang-out.

Its all hats off to the posters who have fed me the info I am looking for. My next move will be getting my hands on a copy of the S&W Catalog book.

Thanks to all who have assisted me, I am off to the revolver and rimfire forums, maybe see ya all over there???

Next question is what ammo do I feed my Smith? I have dozens of assorted ammo to tryout...this is another reason shooting sports are so much fun.

One last thought.....Think of this.... Just 15 years ago, it would have taken months to get this far with my research.

Therefore I must say thanks to TFL Forum, its staff and sponsors, you have a fantastic forum here. Thank you!


Last & Least

I send a Huge Thank You to:

The Creator of the InterNet The Honorable Al Gore


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