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Our Legislators feel it is within their best interest to remove it. Nevermind what we might want or desire. They'll brush our wishes under the government rug and ignore it. Can't expect much more than that, can we?!
A) An internet poll is hardly a conclusive indicator of what the state as a whole wants...selection bias alone makes them nearly worthless (as the existence of this thread indicates).

B) Unless things are wildly different this time around, the law enforcement lobby in Montana has a lot more to do with the continued death of these propositions than the wishes of our legislators.

Though (B) makes me wonder whether there's any reason this can't be brought up through the proposition system instead, despite my not being a huge fan of ballot propositions in general. At least then the populace as a whole would get to determine whether this becomes law, instead of it going through the legislative sausage grinder.

EDIT: I'll say that I do think a majority of residents here would support such a law, I just think that for a majority it isn't a primary issue. If it were on the ballot as a standalone measure, I have faith it would pass.
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