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1937r. Izhevsk 91/30

I bought this rife the other day for $160 after tax with a bayonet and weird brown ammo pouch.
It is evenly black and I don't know how to tell if it is a rebluing job. There is no rust or pitting between the barrel and stock. The serial number on the receiver matches the bolt, floorplate, and buttplate although the brass gussets indicate that the stock is of post war manufacture. The barrel looked okay and I ran a brush through it and the grooves look nice, although the more I run a brush down the barrel the more gunk I loosen from it The bolt looks great and doesn't have that telltale crack on that bolt piece that is usually used to take out the firing pin. The inside of the receiver doesn't show wear from the action being cycled. The bolt fits the action in a nice tight fashion (no wobble or binding). I'm just dumbfounded as to thinking that this rife is in such condition and need information as to what to look for on this gun (pics are coming after work)
Edit: Round receiver, low wall.
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