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As an Assistant Professor of Business, an NRA Endowment Member, and an annual member of TSRA, I need to correct the take on this legislation that it will result in 18-22 year olds being armed. In fact, it does not change the basic requirement that one must be 21 to get a CHL. All it does is to allow existing CHL holders to carry on campus. It is not about giving guns to freshmen.

On the campus where I teach, a small, private university in Austin, that means that the only folks likely to be qualified for a Texas CHL are some juniors, most seniors, faculty and staff. We also have an Adult Degree Program for older, non-traditional age students, open to those over the age of 23. Of course that population is old enough to carry. In fact, I doubt if we would have more than 3-4 CHL's on campus at any one time, unless they were faculty or staff, and I doubt if more than a few of us would get the CHL and carry on campus.

The idea that we would have 18-year old freshmen with guns on campus is more propaganda from the anti-gun, anti-self-defense crowd.
Gun laws are designed to extend and solidify the power of an elite over a peasantry.

Sauron lives, and his orc minions are on the march.

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