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Tom Servo: I guess I had a senior moment then. Serial number 955844 places it at the end of the .38 Military & Police model of 1905 4th change run in 1941 or 1942. Serial numbers in the 760000 range were shipped in 1941 and the serial number range ended at 1000000 in 1942. The .38/200 British Service Revolver was made in the same serial number range in .38 S&W, both guns were followed by the Victory model starting at V1.

A half remembered memory says MA is an Australian code, and a quick google finds FTR MA55 on Australian surplus victory model revolvers. The parkerising would have happened when the gun was FTRed.

A lot of American forces staged through Australia during the Pacific theater of WWII, It's quite possible this one was left behind or lend leased and ended up in the hands of the Australian army.

As an Australian I feel honor bound to protect my countries martial heritage. Please package your revolver up and send it to me for conservation. I promise to let you know how it shoots. :P
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