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Are tube fed and detachable magizines bound by the same rules and a few other ?'s

I know this seems like a very odd question, but I would like to know if they are considered the same in regards to capacity laws. All I have read so far are specific to say detachable magazines limited to either 10 rnds in some locations and 30 in others.

A tube should not fall under detachable magazine class correct?

Now a second separate set of questions.

Would modifying a tube magazine setup (still a tube) to accept say 80 rounds as long as it was not detachable still be considered a tube fed magazine?

Here is why I ask, I am a fairly skilled custom fiberglass guy and have dabbled in metal fabrication to be considered savvy

I had a vision of a total setup that would allow a 80 round setup like this if used in connection with a custom designed stock that sort of just came to me. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that it would work extremely well!

I even drew it out on paper and realized that this has not been done before.Nothing even close to it has been done. I actually got a very warm feeling come over me, probably like the guy who invented the bar code.

So.... yet another question, would a setup like this need some sort of ATF approval in drawing and details before it could be fabricated?

Would a working/non working mock up be required?

Should I just approach an already established manufacturer and hope they do not steal my design?

I did already do the poor mans copyright on the initial design and to be honest I see no way to improve upon it unless it is materials used.

Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated. I know I have been a little vague of the actual design but I feel I gave enough details to be able to get the answers I am looking for.

And just a note to mention, nothing about my intended design changes the way the firearm was intended to fire or function from its stock manufacturer specs, only its tube capacity and full length stock would be changed.
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