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Originally Posted by Dr. J
I was talking about the subject of full auto guns and their legality and got to thinking about something. Should these guns be legal and if so why? They are legalish in most parts of the country, but not all, and last I checked the Bill of Rights wasn't regionally biased.
Answering the original question, full auto guns are legal, as they should be, just not in all areas of the country. Many good reasons have been given already in this thread, as well as the thought that no "reason" should have to be given, also a very valid argument.

Disclaimer - I own no full auto or NFA weapons of any kind, though I fully support anyone's right to own these type weapons. It's not what floats my boat, but if someone else is interested, have at it and more power to ya. I do find this discussion interesting, so here's my thoughts:

The simple reason NFA items are restricted the way they are is because there never have been enough people interested in owning them to force the necessary changes in the law. It's about votes and numbers: a relatively small federal agency (and some state governments) have made rules that the vast majority of the population, even active shooters, care nothing about.

It's interesting to me to read the vast number of "the government is doing xxxx" or "the government is taking away our xxxxx" threads on TFL and other sites. The next time you read a "the government is taking away our guns" post, take a quick look in a mirror. That is who the statement refers to, not some evil, black helicopter flying bunch of Nazis. Mangling a quote from Honest Abe, it's government of the people, for the people, by the people. We are the people responsible for the laws being passed in this country, not some faceless entity called "government". Some laws are passed for the public good, others to benefit those who have learned how to work the system to their own benefit. We don't need full auto weapons to "level the playing field" with "the government" simply because we are the government, and it's time the American public remembered that fact. Don't like a local/state/federal law? No need for armed insurrection, our constitution provides ways for you to make a difference. Become active in politics, instead of buying thousands of rounds of ammunition because you are scared of a law being passed, spend that money drumming up local support for the laws you would rather see, or better yet, run for office yourself.

It's also a plain and simple fact that we need government. Our government and the good people who have come before us are the reason we are able to have these types of discussions. Like it our not, our society needs regulation of some kind, but it is up to us as citizens to determine what regulation we need and want.
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