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That was really nice of you to look this up for me. The piece has a custom grip that covers the screws, but was told it was a 5 screw so I knew it had some age on it. Don't know when the last of the 5 screws were produced.

It has pined barrel and recess cylinder, I expect they still make the recessed cylinders yet today in a .22 cal. I bought it from individual and was in poor lighting area, I could see it was in very good condition, but today looking at it in natural sunlight, it is in better condition than expected for a used gun. Now with knowing it's vintage (early 50's), is a bonus to me. Has no holster wear, not a speck of rust or even a slight ding anywhere, and no touchups that I can find. Bore was bright with crisp cut rifling.

I got to shoot it today, found some odd things. Maybe someone can help me out here???

First, I was shooting at steel about 25-30 yds, didn't have any paper to see where it shoots or how tight the shots, but it was impossible to make a strike without blotching out the steel chicken at that distance.
Went to adjust rear sight, there was no elevation play in the rear sight bar (like most of my guns) with no spring and click detents for elevation adjustment. Windage w/adjustment screw looks good.
Is this normal for this type of rear sight? This is my only adjustable Smith, all others have fixed sights so can't compare them.
Rear sight bar appears to be made without a spring(?)
Will this sight base flex if I were to turn the screw up or down? Looked to be all the way down so maybe can't do much to improve it.

Other thing I noticed, it was very difficult to eject the empty brass. Only because brass were very tight, no other problems within the ejecting system I can see. Works normal while empty. Used 3 brands of ammo in it, all ejected hard. Seemed like just the rims were over swelled. Could it be due to the recess cylinder and because it's like new condition with little breakin maybe???

And lastly, I purchased it with custom rubber wrap-around thin target grips installed (grips do not cause the ejecting problem), have original woods that are like new. No original box, tools or manual came with it. Did get B-Sq. clamp-on mount (replaces rear sight) and a very old looking red dot. I need to request a manual from Smith.
I dropped 400 big ones for it with the grips, mount and red-dot Curious of it's aprox. value. Probably worth 20% more today than a year ago with the Polosi Effect (she is the one really in charge ya know). :barf::barf::barf:

Whatever it's value, I am very pleased so far, that’s what really matters to me. Its much better quality than I expected.
I looked at auction sights prior to trip to see this one, they seem to be 400 plus but shown in many different variants. Do you think that 400 is within the ballpark for this piece?

I will try to get a book ordered soon so I won't keep beggin for's just the excitement of finding an older piece in such great shape and that makes me very happy indeed!

Any comments from you Radagast, or anyone else is encouraged....thanks again for the original info you sent.
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