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Hello Everyon

Thought this was the best website with "serious" shooter, meaning when you have alot of people who have screennames from Sci-Fi movies or something, it makes you wonder. (I am a big Star Wars fan). Not trying to pick on people, need to have fun doing this, so I guess screennames should be fun. Most of what I have read is great, and seems everyone is very knowledgeable. Looking forwards to blogs and info.

Question #1 for the day: Reloading. When I see the cookbooks for reloading, for example, .223 I see different grains for different bullets from different makers. Ex. .223 (55 grains) from Barnes, and if you use H335, it'll say for a minimum load, you only need 23 grains. But for another bullet, same grain, it'll say to use 23.5. Along with that, they'll specify a certain brass maker, i.e. Remington or another. I thought if the grain for a caliber is the same, then you are safe to use the H335 minimum for most loads and the maker of the brass should not be an issue?? Hope I didn't conuse anyone.

Anyone have any load info for Lake City brass .223? Thanks Guys and Galls!!!

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